Monday, July 4, 2016

4/27/16 at Nationals Park

Today started off Kind of Rough. While driving we missed an exit and so we got to the ballpark 30 minutes after opening. Thankfully The Nationals were still hitting and it was a beautiful day.

The Nats were playing the Phillies and not many home run balls were being hit. I was with my friend Alex and brother Mateo and they were trying to do some ballhawking as well. Only two home run balls hit my part of the stands in the LF bleachers and other people got them. I did manage to get a tossup from an Unknown Coach on the Nationals. So I was on the board to start the day. I didn't bring a camera with me but luckily Alex did. He snapped a picture of a ball he got tossed up to him.

Then another coach on the Nationals who I did not know tossed a ball up to me. So I had two on the day. Unfortunately during the game there was no real action. The Phillies won 3-0 and no foul balls were hit within fifty feet of me. But I managed to get the first two balls of my life and many more to come.

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